Rhododendron L. – Ericaceae

The name Rhododendron stems from the Greek rhodon = rose and Dendron = tree, although Rosetree Rhododendron referred to Oleander.

The genus Rhododendron includes around 1000 species mainly native to southern China, theHimalayas, Japan and Korea. The second area is eastern North America, where for example, Rhododendron catawbiense and Rhododendron viscosum are natives. Asia Minor and the Caucasus are areas where important species such as Rhododendron smirnowii, Rhododendronluteum and Rhododendron ponticum are found. About 250 species are native to the sub-tropicalzones of Malaysia, New Guinea and northern Australia. Of the four species native to centraland southern Europe, two occur naturally in Germany, Rhododendron ferrugineum and Rhododendronhirsutum.

The genus Rhododendron consists of evergreen and deciduous species which exhibit verydiverse habits. There are 20 to 30 m high tree-like Rhododendron (Rhod. giganteum) and there are twiggy mountain species which hug the ground and often grow no taller than 10 to 15 cm.

A typical example of the latter form is Rhod. camtschaticum, a wild species from Kamtschatkaand Alaska, one of the most beautiful and valuable plants for rockeries on cool and moist sites.


Rhododendron, hybrids with large flowers

Site: Light shade, in dappled shade of trees (50% shade, HEFT), they require full light levels for several hours each day, sunny positions only with sufficient soil moisture band at a high relative air humidity. Plants should be protected from the hot sun at noon. In very sheltered positions the leaves may suffer heat shock from temperature changes. This may result in brown mid-ribs and leaf margins and matt, yellow-green leaf coloration. Sites exposed to winds are entirely unsuitable for rhododendron.

Soils: Rhododendron require an open, humus-rich, sufficiently moist but well-drained and well aerated soil. Light, sandy soils are relatively easily ameliorated with organic materials such as straw, leaves, sawdust, cow dung, wood chippings and loam. Loam and clay soils with bad drainage need to be drained and improved with sand, leaf mulch, bark mulch or similar.  

Sizes available: Rhododendron hybrids/Yakushimanum hybrids - 40-50 cm, 70-80 cm, 90-100 cm, 100-120 cm, + 120 cm


Note: For other varieties as well as sizes available please contact our team.


Rhododendron  hybrids



      Flower                          Flowering time               Height (m)            Spread (m)

Abba brilliant ruby red,              2nd week of May                   2.5                        2.5

brown markings                4th week of May

Gloria cream white,                    1st week of June                     2                          2.5

opening delicate              4th week of June  

Lee’s Dark Purpule  

dark violet-lilac,                4th week of May                     2.5                         3

yellow-brown to                3rd week of June 




Nova Zembla      brilliant ruby red,              4th week of May                   2.5                        2.5

black markings                 3rd week of June           

Old Port                violet-red, dark                 4th week of May                    2                          2.5

brown markings               3rd week of June           

Diamant dark red                           3rd week of May                  1.2                         2.5

                                        3rd week of June        

Silvia opening delicate pink,      1st week of May                     2                         2.5

later cream white             3rd week of June  

Yakushimanum hybrids



  Flower                           Flowering time               Height (m)            Spread (m)

Anuschka dark pink, lighter on          3rd week of May                 1.2                       1.8

the inside, almost to         2nd week of June  

pure white                 

pure red buds, open         2nd week of May                 1.6                      2.2

flowers pink-red to            4th week of June  

delicate pink       

Golden Melodie                      

delicate pink buds,            3rd week of May                 1.3                      1.7

open flowers are               2nd week of June  

pure white